Pre-schoolers with iPads

I want to share a link to a great post about a pre-schooler learning letter identification from iPad apps. His mother writes that he has not been taught letter names or sounds at home or pre-school so it looks as if he may have learned them from “playing” with the iPad. Check it out:Techno Kid | Life As I Know It.  Below is a video from the post:

2 thoughts on “Pre-schoolers with iPads

  1. The iPad may be Steve Jobs’ greatest legacy because of its impact on education – far greater than what the Gates Foundation can hope to achieve. We are getting a classroom set of tablets (not iPads) for my classes (3 of which are co-taught) and the ability to differentiate will be a quantum leap. We use IXL which is a great website for developing math skills ( and the tablets will allow my students to be on task but work at their own pace. I can also use the tablet to provide different representations for concepts which is what many kids with IEPs need.

    1. Thank you so much for this website recommendation – it is just what I need for my daughter with DS – I really appreciate this and will be sharing it with many others!

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