Great story from The Boston Globe

Nine years after her granddaughter Lucy was born, Globe columnist Beverly Beckham reflects on what was the best of times and the worst of times.         

5 thoughts on “Great story from The Boston Globe

  1. I think every parent who has a child with Down Syndrome can relate to this story. One second your world is perfect because you have this beautiful miracle in your arms, but then with a blink of an eye your world is suddenly flipped upside down. I am not yet a parent, so I can not even imagine what fear is instilled in parents when they have to face this realization. As a future special education teacher I feel that if I were to one day have a child with special needs, I may have an advantage of knowing what I need to do to make sure my child gets the best education possible; but what about parents who do not know the first thing about special education. That is why I feel that increasing awareness about Down Syndrome and increasing the amount of support provided to parents would one day maybe make this not seem so scary.

  2. I think that this was a really great article to read and I think that all parents should read this article. This is really a touching article. Seeing your beautiful baby born and being so happy and in the matter of seconds things are suddenly changed and you are dealing with a situation that you would have never expected. Many people always think that it may not happen to me and I think that you always need to be educated and be prepared because in life anything can happen. As a future educator I am going to be helping children with special needs for the rest of my life so I feel that if I were to have a child with special needs I would be more prepared because I have the knowledge and I would be able to use resources for me to help my child. I think that what parents lack today is the education on children with special needs and the first thing they think of when they see a child with special needs is they are scared or do not know what to do. I think this is a great article for parents who have children with special needs to read because it shows that the children are no different. They are still that loving, adorable, cute, precious baby they always wanted that brings joy to your life. They smile, have fun, and love you unconditionally, and that is all that should matter.

  3. What a fantasatic article!! I think it is heartbreaking that doctors and nurses make parents see the flaws. I hope that more medical professionals are aware of their approach to the news of having a child with Down syndrome. Every child is unique and special and a medical diagnosis cannot change that. Every new parent of a child with Down syndrome should be provided with encouraging articles such as this one!

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