Celebrate reading!

GabriellaRecently, we received an email from Gabriella, whose 16th birthday is coming up in May. In celebration of this happy occasion, Gabriella wanted to share something with others that brought her joy. Since reading is an important part of Gabriella’s life (and coincidentally, her birthday falls during Get Caught Reading Month), she chose to promote early literacy by donating read-aloud books to families of young children. We are beyond excited that Gabriella selected Open Books Open Doors to distribute these books. Below, Gabriella shares a bit about her love of reading:

 One of my earliest childhood memories is me sitting on my mom’s lap listening to her read ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney.   I wanted her to read this to me every night. When I was a little older, I remember going to “Story Time” at the library with my Nana.   I wish everyone could have the experience of a parent, grandparent or other adult reading to them, especially when they are younger. Not only is it a good way to spend time with family, but reading with my parents and Nana helped to make me more creative and imaginative, and I think that is the reason I love to read today. Reading is such a big and important part of my life. It helped to distract me at times when I was sick and in the hospital over the last several years. I hope to share my love of reading with others!

Happy birthday, Gabriella! Thank you for your generous gift and for sharing your love of reading with others.

To learn more about the benefits of reading aloud to children, see:

 “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”                                                ~Emilie Buchwald

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